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For marketing and SEO specialists

Create SEO articles, ad creatives, and other marketing texts fast, with no loss of quality. Win the top of search results pages and stand out from competitors

For entrepreneurs

Create captivating product descriptions for marketplaces and online shops, generate social media posts and ad copy

For students

Create reports and other papers from scratch or paraphrase parts of the text and don’t worry about plagiarism checks. Check your grammar and correct mistakes in just a couple of clicks

How it works

How to write a SEO article

1. Generate the structure of the article

Type the title and let AI do the rest. All that’s left is to run through the structure of the article and polish it up a little if needed.

2. Paste the paragraph headline into the field

To generate an intro, write briefly what is your text about. For the following paraghraphs it’s not needed.

3. Specify keywords

Needed in this paragraph.

4. Choose tone of voice

Formal, neutral or informal.

5. Repeat

Steps 2-4 for each paragraph.

6. Add a call to action

Into the closing paragraph.

How to rewrite a text

1. Paste your text

Into the left field. Or upload the document.

2. Click ‘Paraphrase’

Wait a bit while the text is being processed.

3. Get the rewritten text

You can generate more versions of it if needed.

How to rewrite a text

How to create a social media post

1. Think of a headline of your post

Or just use our headlines generator.

2. Specify your audience

E.g. their job or marital status.

3. Choose tone of voice

Friendly, neutral or engaging.


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10 000 symbols ~ 1500 words About 30 posts or 2 articles

$0 /mo

  • Rewrite
  • Creating texts from scratch
  • Grammar check


80 000 symbols ~ 15 000 words. About 200 posts or 15 articles

$19 /mo

  • Rewrite
  • Creating texts from scratch
  • Grammar check


250 000 symbols ~ 50 000 words. About 700 posts or 50 articles

$49 /mo

  • Rewrite
  • Creating texts from scratch
  • Grammar check

With human

SEO and SMM team will do everything for you. Simply state the purpose of the texts and volumes

  • Inclusion of keywords
  • Control of overspam
  • Analysis of competitor semantics
  • Attention to your brand positioning


Copywriter with experience

4 out of 5 stars

TextMark has had a significant impact on my work routine and processes, and I can't (and don't really want to) imagine going back to the way I used to approach my tasks, periodically burning out. By simply typing a few sentences, it generates much more than I could expect in just a few seconds. This saves time on the painful inventing of solutions for a particular problem.

Anna Sviknor.

Anna Sviknor

Editor in Chief

5 out of 5 stars

As a business owner, copywriter, content creator, or marketer, I highly recommend that you consider adding TextMark to your toolbox. This AI-powered tool can help with a lot of things. Here are examples: ideas for social media posts, text for advertising, content for a website, and oddly enough, I also used it to draft letters for email newsletters. Highly recommend - try it.

Elizabeth Pokhodnich.

Elizabeth Pokhodnich


4 out of 5 stars

As our company has grown and become more busy, I have struggled to find the time and space to create content. TextMark has helped me to overcome this by providing me with a brainstorming tool that allows me to be more creative and produce better copy for landing and sales pages. This has led to more pre-sold leads for our company. I highly recommend TextMark as it has been a valuable asset for our company's growth.

Michael Oliv.

Michael Oliv

Personal assistant

5 out of 5 stars

This software has changed the rules of the game. First of all, thanks to more powerful and efficient frameworks that you can use here. TextMark has also been a source of distribution, helping our download to be distributed in copywriting, writing product descriptions, advertising texts, website content, blogs.

Nick Collins.

Nick Collins

SMM, Blogger

5 out of 5 stars

I'm so glad I found TextMark!!! It has made blogging a billion times more enjoyable (which not only makes it easier, but also more emotional). Thank you very much!

Joshua Skokovich.

Joshua Skokovich

SEO Marketing Agency

5 out of 5 stars

TextMark is a valuable tool for me because I can stamp articles with the keywords I want without having to hire and manage a separate editor. Of course, this is about 10 times faster, and cheaper by the same amount. At the same time, the quality of tests is even better than with some copywriters.

Alex Fomino.

Alex Fomino